Marble & Stone Cleaning Gold Coast

The Marble & Stone Master specialises in “Cleaning” and polishing marble and natural stone surfaces throughout South East Queensland. Marble, Travetine, Granite, Onyx, Limestone and Terrazzo all need professional cleaning every so often.  If not properly maintained – erosion and irreparable damage will occur.

Marble Cleaning

The first part of cleaning natural stone begins in the home.  The Marble & Stone Master will be happy to inform and educate you with proper cleaning and in-house maintenance of your stone.  In most cases, etching, staining, and erosion can all be avoided if the correct measures are taken proactively.  As a rule of thumb, never use caustic or abrasive cleaning chemicals to wipe down or mop your stone.  We can offer household suggestions for any area in South East Queensland.

In particular, marble, limestone, and travertine and very porous and absorbent materials.  They will absorb dirty water (if the water is not emptied and filled periodically with clean water while mopping), discolor from foot-traffic, and also stain from colored liquids that may spill or splatter on them (red wine, tomato sauce, grape juice, etc.…).  In these cases, professional cleaning will be necessary.  The Marble & Stone Master utilises many different cleaning methods and products to remove even the most stubborn stains and soiled markings throughout South East Queensland.

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